Helpful hints for property owners

To help you in your quest to provide the best holiday property for your guests, we have written a few articles that are designed to give you some useful bits of advice. It can be a difficult business to be in, as there are other property owners competing for those pesky renters. So, take a read of our articles, and you never know, you may find some valuable information.

Happy guests are returning guests
How to manage your visitors effectively so that you can keep them happy, and virtually guarantee their return. This is a relatively simple exercise in customer relations management. Anyone who is familiar with the concept of CRM will know that this is extremely important for a business. Your vacation property should be treated just like a [...]

Top 10 tips for succeeding with your Vacation Rental property
There are a lot of do’s and don’ts with regard to running your holiday home as a business, and here are a few. Take the trouble to find a decent agent. bad management can cause unnecessary vacancies, and worse. Disreputable managers have been known to rent property out, and pocket the proceeds. Price your rates correctly, too [...] © 2004 - Present Day . All rights reserved.
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