Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload my pictures? Your images must be formatted to the correct parameters before upload, the parameters are; Maximum 650 pixels wide and 1MB in file size, Thumbnails are made to the ratio of 1.4 width to 1.0 height. So your pictures need to have the same ratio.

How long does it take? All listings have to be approved before going live. This will normally take 24 hours, however occasionally this may take a little longer. We check all listings on a regular basis to ensure that they are displayed correctly in the best interests of the advertiser and of the site.

What about if I get stuck? If you encounter a difficulty, or have to leave your computer half way through, then you can save what you have done, and come back later. Also, as you progress through the process, each screen is saved automatically. We can always help you finish, via email or telephone support.

I can't find the Region/Town for my property? This is easily overcome, when you add your property details onto the system, you will be given the opportunity to add your own Region/Town.

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